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sidecar tripple duty can be a bit of a poison chalice on a combo though, on a slow old brit, theyre ok, but a heavy jap multi pushing a 3 figure top speed can overwhelm them. trikes have the advantage of being symetrical pretty much, so all you have to worry about in terms of straight line stability is road camber, but asymetrical outfits all have some sideways stress on the front wheel, even in a straight line, the old avons last for decades, but theyre not too grippy and on an outfit, the flat profile can give an alarming lack of grip on anything other than absolutely straight dead ahead. even links will allow some angling of the front wheel when turning, and on a flat profile tyre, once you are off the centre tread, youve not much rubber on the road, and the nature of an oufit means that once it starts pushing the front, then its tricky to recover it and stay on lane. a badly set up outfit can have more understeer than a supertanker!! i always ran a bike tyre on the front, cos a heavy outfit absolutely hammers its front tyres. ive seen, ( indeed ive done it myself) great chunks of rubber torn fron a tyre on an outfit, and due to the asymetric nature of them, once the front lets go, unless youve a sidecar brake, a quick throttle hand and balls the size of watermellons, you are merely a passenger!
the only outfit id ever consider putting a flat profile tyre on the front of would be one with centre hub steering, as it maintains its contact with the road at any steering angle.
in sidecars, no one can hear you scream!
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