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Originally Posted by Shifty View Post
They're just about adequate, but who the hell wants their brakes to be just adequate? My Twin-Cam Dyna's got a triple disc set-up that's just about up to the job, but I want to put Jap brakes on when I can. One thing you can't have too much of is brakes.
There's more than callipers involved though Shifty, geometry (on a custom) suspension, tyres, riding style and ability, overall weight of vehicle and riders, road surface, temp and weather, not to mention pads and discs hoses and fluid (condition, sizes and types).
Taff rated his old brakes, I'm more than happy with mine, none are merely adequate, try riding a shovel with banana callipers.

Originally Posted by Taff View Post
My stock HD four pots were ace.
I just put these on to show off really, and to have summat different.
And i like to faff about in the garage, good for the soul...
No harm in any of that Taff, made a nice job of it as well, stop tinkering with your bike and you'd die a little inside, that's my take on it anyroads

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