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Default Another tattoo thread

Well not really a thread but as needles were involved....

When I was in my late teens and coloured inks had only just been invented I visited a tattoo parlour..I should mention that beforehand I had passed out drunk and my Army buddies had shaved my back to the tattoo parlour, I'm in the chair and feeling numb from head to foot when I'm asked what I want.."Small bunnies" I said, "about a dozen as small as you can make them." "what colour" he asked "White" I replied "They won't show up much" he said and added "where do you want them?" "On my shaved head I replied".

Well the years passed, the sun shone down on me and I got a bit browner, then as is the way with most of us I started to get less and less to comb and last week I went to the barbers shop for a trim.."Whats that on your head?" he asked, and I remembered, "small rabbits" I replied..

Oh he said.

"For a moment I thought they were hares"

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