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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
You know you should've had them soda blasted. Then lovingly hand polished out all the opaqueness left behind by the blasting, first by Blue Unipol polishing compound using a medium string polishing mop. then followed up with the White Polishing compound using the loose flap cotton mop, until it shines within an inch of it's life, or until you can shout "Mirror mirror! etc" then lovingly spray a fine coat of clear lacquer over everything in sight. An then refit the cover with mild steel Slotted head bolts (lets not forget we are purists here, and the original machine was never fitted with
stainless steel allen bolts!) and ensure that ALL the slots line up horizontally! ("Coz that is wot they do in the factory!" I was told by some fucking Dildo expert!).

Tu! Tut! Painting Alloy engine covers! You'll never catch me doing that! That's not the way they cam out of the Factory that way! Oh no! Indeed not! Tut Tut! Dear o dear o me! no! No! That's not right...mumble! mumble! Gripe Gripe!.....
Blow me...
The best part of you ran down the crack of your mothers arse!!!
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