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Originally Posted by Sir Ewok View Post
My bike is a 1940 'Deluxe' BSA WM20 issued to the army in January 1940 and has the mudguard skirts at the back which shows it is an early bike, however I chose to put some military racks on for my convenience and get some repro bags. When I was riding it you always had some prat going 'You do know that racks were not fitted to BSA's till at least late '41 early '42 but if you had a Norton they were fitted in 1939. Your bike is all wrong. I was always polite pointing out that they were fitted to suit me, not for a concours look. If they persisted a polite 'Fuck Off, Knobhead' usually worked.

I wanna dat bike! Can I have it when you croak?
Does my belly look big in this?
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