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Iíve had the cough thatís going around hence slow going. However hereís a report on progress ao far.
Leaking fuel taps replaced. New fuel added to tank. (The old stuff went in the car you just canít trust modern petrol) Noticed fuel tank knocking on top frame tube, obtained correct rubber mountings for tank but the bolts have been replaced with studs that arenít long enough so cut down rubbers to get a compromise that works. Primary case filled with oil, oil cleaned up from floor. Dismantled primary case cleaned it resealed it with silicone (Got a new seal from club spares scheme now) Topped up gearbox, cleaned floor again. New seals and bushes fitted to outer cover, topped up gearbox again. Magneto points gap adjusted checked timing. Lubricated cables, noticed both clevis pins in rear brake linkage have no split pins. Removed sump plug as it was leaking, didnít need a spanner. It went back in with the aid of a spanner and cosily wrapped in PTFE tape.
Edith started first kick. We went for a ride, still not happy with some noises and poor running at over half throttle. Went home put bike on side stand with engine ticking over (too fast). I checked for oil leaks and noticed a bad one from the cylinder base gasket. I had to use a spanner to do up the base nuts as they were too hot to touch, not because they were more than finger tight. Tightened silencer mounting bolts till I got bored then fitted new nuts and bolts (sorry to say with metric as thatís all I had that fitted.) Then I spent the next hour kicking it over. Had lunch. Edith started first kick after lunch. Attempted to get a nice tickover by fiddling with throttle stop idle screw and manual advance lever. Sounds nice for a bit then falters and dies. Repeat ad nauseum. Iíve already cleaned the carb and fuel system, that carb is new. Having been an AA patrol for 25 years I have a distrust of new things. When the bike is idling I can gently open the throttle and its fine snatching a big handful of throttle and it dies. Hhmmm. Best I find out what jets should be in that carb and see if they match whatís in there.
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