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Originally Posted by johnr
bizarrely, try a heated vest!! no, seriously!! its all down to the way that cold affects the body. the brain will always try to preserve the bodys heat in the core of the body, thats the trunk and the head. so when the body temp starts to fall, then the brain starts to cut blood flow to the extremities first, hence cold hands and cold feet. keep the body and head warm and the blood flow to the extremities wont be cut and they will stay warmer for longer. maplins were selling a heated waistcoat with a battery pack last year for unde 40 quid. gloves and heated mits are still important, as are the handlebar mitts, but you would be surprised at how much longer you can ride for if your body is kept warm.
i saw this on one of them survival progs a few years back and since then have always wrapped up warm when riding .
I'm totally toasty body wise, my legs start to get a bit chilly, so i know my toes can be sorted by wearing my thermals, but i need to lose a few stone before i can get stuff on under my trousers. But the bit of me under my jacket is plenty warm enough - to the extent i havent even put my thermal lining in my jacket yet and i am still boiling hot when i stop - a heated vest would kill me!

It might be because i have very low blood pressure, i've always got sh1te circulation and my hands are always cold! (maybe thats why i'm single?!)
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