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I use Richa nanoo nanoo gloves (about 25) with silk inners (about a tenner) and they're really good. The nanoo nanoos were something I'd heard about for years, but never tried and I was gobsmacked as to how good they actually were when I tried 'em.

They're weird in that they don't actually feel any warmer/heavier/whatever when you put them on and they aren't particularly waterproof, but it doesn't actually matter - your hands warm up in 'em quickly and even when they're wet they don't seem to get cold. I'd suffered cold hands on a bike for years and, due to a childhood injury to me right little finger, when they get really cold it won't straighten and so is a pain in the arse to get into gloves, but with the nanoo nanoos that doesn't happen ... much.

Combine them with heated grips and your hands'll be toasty. They shouldn't drain your battery (they never have on any of my bikes) and they do make a hell of a difference.

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