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Did think about ambling over and telling him,

"No no no. You didn't wanna fit a 4-speed box to an Evo engine, and leave the electronic ignition in, then try and kickstart it, it needs to turn over a couple of times to get it to fire, you didn't wanna do it like that. What you wanna do, you wanna fit points, they'll crack up straight away. And what's this...??? An S&S carb??? No no no no NO. Fine for drag racing, but that's not what you're doing, are you, eh, EH? No, you want a nice SU, or a Mikuni on this motorbike, that's how you wanted to do it..."

But i didn't, i thought he'd appreciate it about as much as he appreciated having to stand back and wait while the retarded ice cream van driver took 10mins to squeeze past it with 1mm to spare.
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