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lol, that reminds me of one of my clients who was on my course .........after giving them all the info, help and guidance they needed to write a CV , learn interview technique etc we had a 'trial run' for an interview................

one of the guys , who had a fab sense of humour and was on meds for psychosis had a mock interview question and reply that went like this........

me asking the question: 'So .(name) can you tell me a little bit about yourself '

him replying: ' certainly would you like to know more about my hobbies?'

( I teach them this coz it takes it from an 'open ended question' with which could turn into a rambling session into a ' closed ended question where the interviewee is taking control of his answer)

me : 'yes that would be good '

him : ' well one of my particular passions is collecting body parts and pickling them in big glass jars so I can look at them at my leisure !'

needless to say I suggested that this WAS NOT a good response to that particular interview question!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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