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Default Slow progress with the 127 chop

I didnt start off wanting to build a hardtail chop, as I got the Ulitma El bruto 127 inch motor and 6 speed box at a good price, I couldnt say no. The original plan was to build a drag bike to run in the Super Twins series, and with that in mind, a cheap and cheerful rigid frame was shipped over from Mid West. This frame was to be chopped to widen the rear triangle and lower the headstock to suite the drag strip. However when the frame turned up, it was surprising well made, and everyone said I couldnt cut it up, it was too nice.. and I had to agree. Soooo over the following months, I slowly collected a few more parts I needed... starter, coils, wide glide front end, and a pair of lovely 80 spoked wheels, with Stainless spokes. Its a slow process, and I'm not really sure I'll end up keeping it, but started it, so best finish it...

The mustang tank and bars, risers were fitted as I had them to hand, but I'm thinking some kind of stretched XL tank may work better.
Brake calipers are from a Ducati 996 and floating discs are Russell left over from a previous project.
Progress of a sort with my 127 chop, finally mounted the rear guard, the struts are made from stainless bar. Not sure if a curved strut would've looked a bit better, may have to re-do it sometime. Also want to make a couple of small plates to sit behind the strut and guard to spread the load, in the a shape that mimics the axle covers. Also made the lock stops for the forks, nothing fancy, just a couple of shaped pieces welded to the headstock.
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