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Originally Posted by John Hopkins View Post
I should really keep my mouth shut I keep opening these cans of worms, but although I have no objections to very rich people, I hate to see them telling us that 'Britain has never had it so good' or 'because it is the right thing to do' and they manage to con so many people into trusting them that I get annoyed when they say 'we are all in this together' but they have 10% pay rises while we have pay freezes.

The latest one is there are two minimum pay scales..

The minimum wage which is about 6.19 per hour and the minimum livable wage which is about 7.49 per hour.

In order to help the people of Britain the goverment would like employers to pay the livable wage to their workers..

Great we all get more wages...

No we all come into the tax system and lose suplimentary income support and council tax rebates and rent support for being paid less than the livable wage..

The government collects more taxes, the small businesses get closer to the breadline or prices of everything go up and the councils collect more rates..

I'll go back to sleep now.

It's a very true you get nothing for nothing. And your right it would hit small businesses, hard. It was also hit read such as the care sector hard. A lot of these services are running close to the wire, having had no fee uplifts since many of them started up.
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