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Originally Posted by kidhaf View Post
Seriously does feckin slitty eyes salmond really think all these companies will hand over Increased taxes to a scottish government...he is a fuckin clown none of his or his wank stains of a party have any idea off what or how to run a country.

What happens to the currency we use ...ahhhh it will be ok the Bank of England will sort it out.
What will happen to our armed forces ...ahhh its ok we will still have an army.
Will we still be part of EU or NATO ......ahhh yes because they need us and want us.
What about the benfits system pensions etc....ahhh its ok we will be handed back millions from the exchequer to pay for it all.
What will happen to our naval bases Holy Loch etc.....ahhh they will be shut.
What about English companies saying F*ck you England for the English....ahhhhh that will never happen they need us.

They have not one shred of evidence or proof that they can deliver all this.

These ploiticians are a bigger feckin threat than some of the rag heads running about. They are inept incompetent and bloody dangerous in their stupidity.

It may not be politically correct in this day and age to say yes I am a Royalist / Loyalist who supports the union. The day and hour these pricks get into power I for one will be looking at getting to fuck out of here.
I agree with a lot of what you say..but polititions don't really run anything, sure they have ideas and make new laws, but it is the people in the background that aren't voted in that run the country..When a politition gets voted in he or she has no idea what the job entails, when they first move into that new office they have to be guided, someone even tells them what to say to the people, they are basically puppets or figureheads..

The thing I object to is the fact that these people think we are stupid enough to believe that we are making decisions for ourselves, advertising disguised as news, offering incentives, and now threats of massive job losses.

It is obvious that England does not want independence for Scotland and so it won't happen, but it annoys me that they make the offer and then weight the scales by turning the Scottish people against each other. If it was a genuine offer why not just say the people will decide on a certain date and leave it for the Scots to talk over and decide on that date.

It seems pretty clear that if Scotland gets independence it will have to stand on it's own feet, it won't be easy and yes, England will probably build it's own warships in England, Scotland will still have it's own shipyards, experience and labour force, and there is a whole world out there to work for, and don't think they won't buy..The Harrier jets were sold world wide, arms salesmen from Britain are selling our latest weapons wherever they can. Scotland will survive as a great nation whether they are part of the UK or independent, but they should be left alone to decide for themselves.

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