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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Unfortunately for me Mum died of cancer when I was two, and my brother and sister are 12 and 10 years older than me. Dad was in the RAF at the time and he ran away from the situation, (partly his fault and partly RAF) by getting posted to Kuwait of all places. So the RAF paid for my brother and sister to go ot boarding school and I was looked after and brought up by my Aunt (Mum's sister) and Uncle, who I have always called Mum and Dad. But I've always known my Dad as "Dad" as Well. And he has always loved and looked after me and my siblings, all my life. Only recently I found out that Mum and Dad wanted to adopt me from my RAF Dad but he said "No". So but he then packed me off to boarding school as well when I was 7. I then spent the next seven yers of my life living a rotten, horrible bully ridden upbringing at school, from which you could not escape! I loved looking forward to the holidys. My RAF Dad was released Early from the RAF due to ill health and he could only afford to keep either or my step brother or me at school (he remarried when I was nine and I gained another two step brothers and a step sister!) so I promptly opted to leave boarding school early and go to a comprehensive, and live with my "mum and Dad" RAF dad wasn't happy but could understand! So althuogh I haven't had a "Hard Life" s they say it has been a "difficult" one....
Yeah but you're not too shabby on it Friar. You're a decent man and you care about other people. Those attributes are very rare nowadays. I'm not too sure about your building and decorating skills though I'd have to o a full site inspection and snagging report. Maybe do a photographic survey and then maybe a risk assessment or two.
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