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I used to work for a company in Oxford that made medical equipment...not hard to work out who they were really, without naming them! They closed their Abingdon plant down and I said that I'd commute for 6 months to their Old Woking plant whilst they transferred production of their new Table Top Babyt heart monitor machine. I was on the New Product Project Team for the out sourcing of the purchasing requirements to mak it. So having to make a two hour commute each way every day, it can get a tad stressful. Then you do a days work dealing with can we say? Um Basically uni grad arseholes masquerading as trained production managers (female - not that I have anything against them ,just that their way of thinking isnt logical for the position, nor ar they tactful when trying to either motivate or talk to the workforce). The worst thing is their attitude to work collegues when things go wrong! If it goes wrong it is best to sort out the problem first then diagnose what went wrong andd then put processes inplace to ensure that they don't happen again. That wasy everyone is happy and everone learns without pointing fingers and blaming who was responsible. However there is a thing called "Modern Management Techniques" Which seems to get in the way and is taught b mindless wombats that masquerade an "Management Consultants" and teach courses that senior Management spend loads of unnecessary company cash on for their staff to "attend" This is where PC indoctrination is introduced and for these training companies to justify their existence! This is prevalent in HR depts! Use to be called "Personnel" but now "HR" - ffs! Anyway back to Oxford Instrument Medical...oops mentioned them... They've gone anyway.. bought out by another company I believe and production moved to Wales! There was a female "production" manager that had been well and trully indoctrinated in to these management tecniques, one of which is called "the 5 Whys"! this where one asks the same question five times and by the fifth time the root cause of the problem is unearthed and then can be "addressed" so to speak. So ther I was, had a shit journey into work having used the bike (A had a Honda GB500TT at that time nice but slooow, used to back fire on the overrun when shutting the throttle off quickly. Great fun when you know how to use it, but could kill your electrics though if used too often!) so by the time mid morning arrived I was ready to rip anyones head off, not helped by having to source shit components from China against my recommendations, and then having to resource locally as the stuff had turned up late and way out of Quality and tolerance. So along comes thind blonde bimbo and sticks her face into my personal space (I hate people who stand to close - always have done - it's confrontational immediately without reason) and in front of the whole office continues to ask me why the delay? So I say late delivery from Chinaa and bad quality necessitating in the resource and new and correct items will be with us within 24 hours! not bad considering I only knew about this at a 8.00am that moring as I got in after a two hour shit ride in. So then she proceeds to ask ne another four times why was this? After answering exactly the same way three times, she got both barrels and at the same time I Physiacally lifted her off her feet and placed her about 3 feet away from my face at arms length and bawled at her as to what part of the english languauge did she not understand and do not stand within two feet of me in a confrontational manner and ask impertinent questions that halready had been addressed and corrected before she had even been made aware of any issues that did not concern her! I think her complete comuppance was total when the whole of the office which had gone quiet (apparently this woman had the ear of the directors (screwing one of them) and the office erruptedin to appluad! and clapping! She Stormed out, I was absolutely fuming! Little did she know that I had the ear of the Ops director as he was ex Abingdon like me and so when she went to complain he said to her to that I was absolutley correct in my actions (even thought he ticked me off for physically moving her)! And that she should wind her neck in when dealing with factory staff, and Middle management! of which although I was only a buyer I was considered "middle management"....
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