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Originally Posted by Sir Ewok View Post
I know what you mean about management, though sometimes the 'them and us' came from the shop floor as well. At Cosworth's the company had been started by two guys in a back street garage tuning crossflow engines. The company had got too big for them and so management were employed. Unfortunately most of them seemed to be rejects from other industries including one guy who had worked for a tyre fitting firm that folded, I wondered why? The management plan to make you do what they wanted was to shout very loudly in your face until you ether did as you were told (not always the correct thing though) or you left. I stood up to those wankers and made one lock himself in his office because nobody had stood up to his bullying before and he didn't know how to handle it. I was so disappointed with the management I started to do a management course at college paid for by myself. But the kind of crap you talked about was what they were actually teaching! One scenario was that you have come across two guys fighting on the premises, what do you do? My answer was interview both men, find out why and discipline as necessary ie. the one who caused the fight. However the correct answer was...... sack both for gross misconduct. which seemed to be the answer to almost any scenario....
Most people assume their position. There are very few who don't fit the mould, or any mould,s, what mould's?

You reminded me of when I kicked off badly at a manager at one of the housing companies I was on contract too. I should have been fully rehabilitated tbh, but never was. I didn't know I had ptsd at the time.
Tbh no one would employ me now or want to.
All I remember was him cornered in an office within the general office area and I was between him and the only door. I kicked off with him verbally about summat I couldn't even tell you the day after. I remember him shaking, I assume with fear as I walked out. I still cant remember what is was about or why or what I said.
I had a phone call at 10pm that night by the agency who said the company boss had called them and he respected that I had some major injuries, seeing as I was on two elbow crutches, but they said they did not want me going back after what had happened. I really knew then that I was not fit to work.
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