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Originally Posted by zillah View Post
Hi all,
45yrs of biking and now turned to triking.........screw loose?, we'll see.Just retired but thats only on the outside. Grew up looking like Clint Eastwood (so i was told!), probably look even more like him now!. Anyway, i have had my eye on my mate's trike for nine years and persuaded him to let it go to a good (retirement) home three months ago. Got 'Trike Doctor' to drop it off for me and have been tinkering with it since.It looks the dogs bollocks to me but would be put to shame by what i have seen on the forum.It is an xs1100 hardtail,four into two into four, forward controls with raised pullbacks.......i love it!!!!!!!!!!!. I am presently fitting new shoes and pistons to the rear brakes, fiddling with the sticking clutch and trying to sort out the intermittently engaging starter motor. I still love it!!!!!!!!!!. Bit worried about getting it motd and legal on its docs, but so what!. Anyway thats it for now ZILLAH
hello ZILLAH all our toys look the dogs nuts to there owners and thats all that counts. theres nothing no better than riding with the wind in your hair . ride safe and keep trikeing
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