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As an owner of an old military BSA I have met a few rivet counters. Also on the Dutch WM20 site I go on there have been some lively debates about how much original history should be preserved and it usually ends up with an agreement to disagree. I hate sites that cater to cliques or put down people who don't fit in with their views (like this site under a certain editor, who shall remain nameless).

However a person who virtually becomes a troll putting down other peoples efforts because the 1948 model had chrome levers and you have nickel plated or the bolts on the crankcase are 0.5 mm too long...... Fuck'em, build it how you want it. If you want to put Japanese mag wheels on your 1964 Triumph Tiger Cub, just do but do the world a favour and dry store the original wheels or sell them to someone building a concours machine.
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