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Welcome to our forum Solo...

Apologies for the rather curt reply in the first instance but we have recently had a lot of "Newbies" registering and instantly flogging their business without introducing themselves, No disrespects to you but most have been USA based Gar(b)age Door Salesmen, or Injury Lawyers, with the odd (and I do mean odd!) Thai spammers thrown in for good measure!

So we now know you comprehensively!

Be prepared for some heavy mickey taking if you wish to continue with us and give as good as you get! We are a friendly lot, will to give advise, ranging from the ridiculous to the intelligent, that's the advise given not the question asked, mind you! And it's not all about bikes on here we even tell jokes (well Ewok tries!). Harry is is our Tech Expert cos he know everyfink! How that can be interpreted in the USA god knows!

Welcome Chap!
Does my belly look big in this?
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