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Originally Posted by rob
i think kit bikes are designed for people with more disposable income and less mechanical savvy than most of 'us', .
You ever tried putting a kit bike together? Despite the claims of the manufacturers, I've not come across one yet where everything fitted and where quite a large amount of mechanical and engineering aptitude wasn't required. If there's one thing that concerns me about kit bikes, it's that there's 'get-rich-quick' merchants setting up building kits on the back of the current chopper trend without the skills of experience to do so.

What scares me far more than kit bikes is the new homologised bikes that Custom Chrome Europe is offering. That could have very serious ramifications for the European custom world.

Originally Posted by FriarTuck
As Peeps wanting to have an 'individual' bike but can't be arsed to go through the pain of having the bike sva'd etc, so will end up going to individual bike builders, that seem to be sprouting up offering builds of these Kit bikes,
Fuck me, I wish we'd known that kit bikes didn't need to be SVA'd before we went to the trouble of getting the Big Bear done. Strangely, the authorities still seem to reckon that kit bikes should be SVA'd... And most kit bikes are registered under their manufacturers' name and model and not as a Harley, FT.
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