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Default Kit Bikes!

As I have posted elsewhere here, I am struggling to come to terms with this 'kit bike' philosphy.

I Have strongly objected to these in the past, as being 'Uncreative'. The only concession to creativity being choice of paintwork. Otherwise, prices for these machines being wopping big figures of 18 grand plus!

Also, what are these bikes named exactly? Are they registered as a Harley? Bearing in mind that if all these 'kit bike' parts are supplied brand new, from the one catalogue to make the bike up, then it should have a proper registration no. and not a Q plate. If they are then reg'd as a 'Harley', then shouldn't Harley Davidson get stroppy and sue for TM infringement? Like they have done in the past?

If they are re'gd as a Harley, then does that fcuk up the insurance as being a 'modified, bike? Even if it is brand new?

So with all these points in mind I have objected to 'Kit bikes': to sum up:

Low Creativity.
High Insurance
Not to mention a Quality issue! (build quality is down to the individual, I'm talking manufactured build quality like to ISO9000 standards).

So why then why do I not object to 'kit cars'? Which in real terms are more prone to being lashed up than a 'kit bike'? Is it because kit cars have been around longer and therefore more accepted by the public in general. Ebay is littered with 'unfinished' projects.

I mean kit cars are just as nasty to build, cheaper to build (just, but is it really?) relies on dubious donor vehicles, and if anything more dangerous to drive if not put together right, even if they have got SVA, MOT etc. Whereas Kit Bikes will probably have been assembled with far greater care!

I have crossed sticks with Blue on this on a number of occassions on this and Chopshop built bikes. But like I have said, I'm struggling to come to terms with this 'kit bike' philosophy!

Maybe it's because kit bikes are a relatively new concept in the custom scene, and people are still struggling to come to terms with the idea like what I am going through at the moment. A bit like the old Brit attitude of the '60's when jap bikes first arrived on these shores:- "Huh! Bloody Jap Crap! Won't last!" Oh yes they did! Maybe this will happen to the Custom Scene? As Peeps wanting to have an 'individual' bike but can't be arsed to go through the pain of having the bike sva'd etc, so will end up going to individual bike builders, that seem to be sprouting up offering builds of these Kit bikes, rather than the one-off chopshop custom builders.

Over to you lot!
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