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Have received my reply and have at last finished reading it. ( There is a lot to it ) I only wish I was as articulate as Jon to enable me to write to the knowalls as well as he did.
If you asked for and received the copies,please read them through to fully understand just what those bastards want to do to us all that ride. If you have not joined MAG then do so to enable them to keep on to the shits as well.
If we all sit back and hope someone else does the job then dont be surprised if these arseholes get their way and prevent us riding what,where and when we want to, on whatever we want to of whatever age we want.
Just imagine some arsole stopping us on the road and confiscating our ride because we like to check ourselves that it is safe and roadworthy, instead of allowing some spotty little scroat at a ( qualified mechanics ) to do it for us.
Dont you just want to exterminate these knowall dumbwits that think they know what is best for us ??
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