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Originally Posted by WALLACE
THEN stick a ST. ANDREWS flag up an live a bit. freedom
Just in case nobody has actually realised it,the fact is that these people are supporting their national team in an international tournament.
why would anybody fly the flag of St Andrew,or St Patrick or even that cute little red dragon at this time? I was just looking through the listings for the matches and surprise suprise England are the only UK country who got through to the finals.maybe that is why there are so many St George flags flying.
I have looked back on 100s of postings and noticed how people whinge about how non bikers perceive us and how they cant understand our passion for sleeping in leaky tents in the middle of a field listening to 40 year old rock songs being covered by everybody with a guitar,riding bikes in the pouring rain,and getting falling down drunk.And yet here some of you are casting the same criticism at people who dont fit into your mould,A lot of people are passionate about football ,(not me though, but i CAN HONESTLY say i believe in live and let live) so why then does it bother you so much that you have to moan like a load of old women.Or are the majority of digs from people who's teams didn't make it ?
All the usual stupid comments are there "22 men,sheeps bladder (when was the last time you looked at a football )all in the bath(nobody uses communal baths anymore, its all showers). And no doubt one of the replies on this thread will bring up the hooligan element,but again stop and think about the nutters and trouble makers in our chosen way of life.
Until we learn to accept everybody elses freedom to choose their pleasures,how can we expect or demand that they accept ours.

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