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Have had a real shitty week this last week.

If anything could go wrong it has

But one just has to put a brave face on things and try n keep moving onwards

Right lets got on with this update.

Some good news in that we have a painter to do the petrol tank and another person has offered to pay for us. I wont name them just yet until I find out if they wish to remain anonymous or not.

Maz Edwards and myself had a long chat the other night, when we both had to face some very difficult choices that we had to make on the progress of CBRTIM.

Between us we think we still have about 6 months work to finish CBRTIM

And as Maz only works on CBRTIM in the evenings (she has kindly offered to not accept payment for her time), but she still has a living to make.

With me not being well these last few years and having to cancil a large number of disco bookings ( all non rock ) My bankaccount long ago went into the red.

As the disco and the stage lighting are my lively hood - no work = no money.

We have decided very reluctantly to put back the date of completion of CBRTIM

So unfortuantly it wont be at NABD National as we planned - SORRY FOLKS.

But we will still maintain progress as and when we can.

"finished welding the new forks but haven't had a chance to fabricate the link bars or shocker mounts yet, still had to put them on the bike to see what they looked like....."

"this bike just keeps getting bigger , even dwarfs Malky's VTX1300 trike in the background...."

"CBRTIM lurking in my crowded workshop....."

"I want long forks the man said....."

"front view... that's approx 22 inch over front end...."
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