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Originally Posted by johnr View Post
i thought sos motorcycles were 'super onslow specials' built by the late len vale onslow, formerly britains oldest working man and oldest motorcyclist, still working in his bike shop and still riding his own bikes on his 100th birthday iirc.
I found this in a British motorbike site

Super Onslow Special, later named 'So Obviously Superior' because they offered high quality products. Founded 1927, closed in 1939 at the onset of war. Models made with JAP and Villiers engines. Made water-cooled engines in 1932. Taken over by Tom Meeton in 1933 who added optional foot-change gearboxes in 1934. All-weather models offered deep-valenced mudguards, leg shields and under-shields. Also sold tuned versions under the name Meetons Motor.

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