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Default Important Wheel Info

My Weller Wheels fitment guide from 1991 says that the PCD of Reliant Robins and Kittens was the same as mini, which is 4". BMW, '70s onward Vauxhall, VW and some Jap cars are 100mm. 4" = 102.4mm or thereabouts. Also, Reliant has a 3/8 inch wheel bolt and 2 1/2 inch centre bore. BMW, Vauxhall and VW has 12mm wheel bolts and 2 1/2 inch centre bore. VW Jetta has 2" centre bore for some odd reason. From an engineering viewpoint, these other wheels should NOT be fitted on the reliant axle. Possibly they only fit because 3/8 is smaller than 12mm leaving lots of room round the stud in the hole.

It is possible that later Reliants had a metric PCD, but I don't have info on Rialtos.

Minis, Metros, Hillman Imps, rear wheel drive Opels,Vauxhall Viva,Magum and Firenza, are all listed in my fitment guide as 4" PCD.

I'm very sure of this info, but don't be alarmed unless someone else can back up my info.

email me at if you need info in a hurry.
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