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Thanks for the reply Harry, I do know that a lager master cylinder will in effect reduce the braking effort, that's the crux of the problem, I know what the effective ratios should be but my brakes are not behaving as expected that the problem.

Originally I was using the 14 mm MC which should have given good braking effort at the expense of leaver travel, but this just resulted in feeble braking, nex was the 17mm MC which did not change anything, then came the 19mm radial which should have made things feel wooden and cause lock up...but no, it did improve the braking but not as much as I had hoped, I am using twin Lockheed calipers with a piston diameter of 41mm,
the back is just the same despite a rebuilt caliper, so I am now thinking of adding an extra caliper to reduce the effects of the larger Harley MC, but in general its not behaving as expected, the only other thing I can think of is to rebuild all the calipers with new seals etc, and attack the discs with a sander, although only one disc has signs of the original plated finish.
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