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Default Lockheed Brakes.

This may generate a bit of discussion, after building the Trident last year, and having some trouble with the brakes not being man enough by my standards,

Twin Lockheed on the front and having to find a suitable sized master cylinder to get the ratio somewhere near what it should be IE 23-1, but due to needing a large master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch I ended up with a pair of 19mm radials which gave a ratio of 18-1 so not ideal, but there is some feel the front and they don't lock up...bonus!

However the rear is just s single Lockheed unit, and I originally had Japanese 14 mm master cylinder which just didn't seem to be able to apply enough force to even slow down, then went to a 16mm MC with little improvement, so decided to fit a Harley type with a 3/4"/19mm bore, and this still doesn't seem to make much difference, it should actually feel very wooden and just lock up but it doesn't with a ratio of just 9-3.

So I am now thinking of fitting another Lockheed calliper to the rear in an effort to bring the ratio up to the same as the front, so whats your take on this? all constructive input welcome.
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