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I never did an an apprenticedship. All the mechanica skills I got was from watching and helping as a kid Dad when he used to run his own garage business. I say "dad" as he was really my Uncle. My real Dad was in the RAF and when mym died when I was Two Dad couldn't leave the RAF as He'd sign up for the full term, so my brother and sister were packed off to boarding school, paid for the the MOD, as all foreign posting personnel were entitled to. and me being only two at the time got looked after by my Aunt and Uncle. However when I was 7 I got packed off to boarding school as well! Hated every minute of it. When I left in 1975 (Dad had come out of the RAF, so funding got stopped..hooray!) I left and went to live with Aunt and Uncle (Who I called Mum and DAD!) and Uncle had now stopped his garage business and had become a driver. So me joining him in thr business didn't happen. So I ended up first becoming a trainee Baker, then joined a local Engineering Merchants as a Trainee warehouse assistant, where I learnt all about the supplying of nuts, bolts, washers, and all engineering components etc. From there I went into the buying game for engineering components etc ,learning my "trade" as I progressed up the greasy pole of "management" learing how to reas drawings etc, from working within the manufacturing industry! Sadly most of the wel known and household names that I worked for have now gone tits up or merged and disappeared over time! Names like Roneo Vickers, Gestetner Manufacturing, Oxford Instruments, etc. The only real manufacturing company that I worked for and is still going is Cosworth Engineering and that has been bought and sold on, on a number of occassions.
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