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HOS, the most important biker saying is.... 'Keep it shiny side up', which it seems we all ignore (at our peril) from time to time. As for your IQ dropping, I read your posts and see a measured and examined reply. OK, spelling may go awry, as does mine, usually due to 'Fat Finger' syndrome or simply typing too fast for the brain to keep up. If what you write is a reflection of IQ then yours must have been in the higher bracket to start with. Not bigging you up, just stating a fact, as I see it.

For some reason, back a couple of decades ago, this country decided it didn't need apprenticeships (a situation I am glad to see has been reversed) and we lost the opportunity to train youngsters to do the technical jobs. Plumbers/Electricians/Builders from Poland and other Eastern European countries flooded Britain and took over. At KAB Seating we always had an apprentice in the maintenance dept. and they got into the NVQ system of which I was one of the first volunteers to learn welding. I went on to do the trainer/assessor components afterwards. This country used to be an industrial powerhouse, producing everything from Nails to aircraft. Today it is mostly leisure industry or Warehousing and even in places like Birmingham you are hard pressed to find and engineering or production work.
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