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The brain injury is difficult.
Personality change is part of that. You don't know who you are anymore. I don't know how I will react to any situation. So that's why generally I shun people and stay away for both sake. I don't want to inflict me on anyone.
Its much much easier to talk online because I can take time to consider answers or just not answer.

The psychological tests at the neurology unit found that while my speech and communications centres were still working OK, the rest of it isn't too great.
I scored 97th percentile for spoken words, but that was an isolated scorer the rest were low or poor. My lowest score was 32nd percentile. So there is vast disparity between different brain functions and this is what causes issues.
Due to oxygen starvation I lost a lot of IQ, parts of my brain died.
I was very lucky to be accepted into Headway who are 100% brilliant people by the way!.
They are the UK brain injury specialists for rehab and support.
I met some incredible people there who are support workers and service users. I learned a lot about brain injury and that was very helpful to me.

There I was 10 days after 9/11 on my fairly new Hayabusa, had a good career, good salary and planning my next career move to earn more and work less.
But somewhere along that road was a car that would impact me in such a way that my life would never be the same again. I knew a lot of people socially and professionally, but I never realised how far and wide the collateral damage from that split second encounter would reach and its ongoing. You think you have it all sussed and making your way in life and then bang !
Suddenly everything changes and you don't even see it coming.
But life changes, nothing ever stays the same and its important to learn that.
Now I am not whinging about this, I'm dead calm talking about it. and I still ride.

All those old biker sayings that I used to think were so cheesy, suddenly come into perspective.
Bikers for life.
Live to ride, ride to live.
and many more.

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