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Originally Posted by HOS View Post
Most people assume their position. There are very few who don't fit the mould, or any mould,s, what mould's?

You reminded me of when I kicked off badly at a manager at one of the housing companies I was on contract too. I should have been fully rehabilitated tbh, but never was. I didn't know I had ptsd at the time.
Tbh no one would employ me now or want to.
All I remember was him cornered in an office within the general office area and I was between him and the only door. I kicked off with him verbally about summat I couldn't even tell you the day after. I remember him shaking, I assume with fear as I walked out. I still cant remember what is was about or why or what I said.
I had a phone call at 10pm that night by the agency who said the company boss had called them and he respected that I had some major injuries, seeing as I was on two elbow crutches, but they said they did not want me going back after what had happened. I really knew then that I was not fit to work.
It's always hard to find that we are not indestructible after all and that whatever injuries we have will or do limit our abilities to do what we have always done in the past. Sometimes we can alter course and make the most of whatever we have, but PTSD and severe mental/physical problems are generally things you can't work around. Having had borderline PTSD, never treated, I know that it can be a hard coming back even from the borderline. I have always fought for the underdog, usually workmates or friends/family which explains my Union roots. Coming from a working class family I guess that I did better than some, though not as good as others. I calmed down later in life and I always realised that GOOD management allied to a GOOD workforce made for a productive and profitable company, which was a good for everybody. I had a good reputation with most of the workers and management because I didn't run to them with every trivial complaint, trying to work things out before they spiralled out of control. But, of course, you can't please all the people all the time.

A guy came to me with a serious complaint regrading confidential information about his family which had been spread by another worker. His son was mentally ill and the guy, who he didn't get on with was taking the piss after reading files that had been left exposed on a managers desk. The first we always asked was "What do you hope to obtain from this complaint?" that is, do you want an apology or do you want to go through the complaints system or even tribunal, if necessary. He said he would be happy to accept an apology from the manager and the guy spreading the information. I spoke to the guy and he apologised, in writing, and verbally. The manager was reluctant to apologise but he was finally persuaded to do so. The aggrieved person then went away stating he was happy with the outcome and the complaint was closed. Two weeks later I was a wanker for not getting them sacked....Doh!
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