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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Ah, flow soldering machines....where the flux and solder actually flows to speak!....
Yeah the solder was pumped into a wave form so the pcb's just skimmed the top of the wave with their underside. The flux was pumped with air to make it foam and it too had to be set and regularly adjusted to make sure the wave height was spot on or parts of the circuit boards didn't get any solder or any flux causing the same no solder in patches.

I used to have a cheap Tandy personal radio with ear pieces to listen to radio and stop me going terminally insane with the repetitive nature of the work.
For two weeks the flow solder machine was having engineer maintenance so they put me on a section where the pre-soldered boards had to be dipped in liquid varnish to water proof them. So I spent 2 weeks sticking 4 pieces of yellow tape, one on each corner of the boards top mask off the fixing holes.
That drove me fucking nuts! my brain was turning into cheap vegetable soup by the day.
In the end I quit because I was bored shitless and wanted something better.
I hated the aged British management demarcation of "them and us".
Office staff and factory floor staff.
Some of the management were real talentless wankers.
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