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Originally Posted by Sir Ewok View Post
I think you have eloquently put most of what I was trying to say. Everybody has a different work experience, even within the same company. Like Friars childhood, mine was 180 degrees different, with two loving parents and a Dad that was more like a big brother, whom I love beyond the day he passed. I ended my working career doing almost anything, including toilet cleaning to keep my family fed, at one point I was doing 3 full time jobs (picking/packing in a wool warehouse (Sirdar), security guard at Diversy and night shelf stacking at Tesco). The last 19 years was at KAB seating where I became a welder/tester/assessor and later a Group Leader (Foreman) in the stores, following my cancer op. I have worked on the bins and drain cleaning as a temp and I liked it, getting dirty was never a problem when it came to work.....
My mate big John and I were the only two guys in the whole factory who could operate the flow solder machine. It was for soldering PCB's on a continuous conveyor belt. You load the trays in one end with PCB's and loose components and offloaded them at the other end of the machine. We placed the PCB's on a tray which carried 4 x 8" square PCB's. Then removed the trays and brought them back to reuse. We had to maintain the solder bath and chuck huge bars of solder in now and then. The open solder bath you stand by and constantly move around was 300 degC. There was also a foaming flux bath which was like a wave for the PCB's lot pass over. Let's just say it was fucking hot work and much more so in summer. We separately put easily 1500 PCB's through on a 10 hour shift.
John was 6' 9" tall with one gold tooth and did the doors in his spare time. He was a martial artist and loved his drum and bass.
So we operated that machine between us for maybe 2 years. The managers tried to train up other people to share the work with us because it was so hard. We showed other guys and trained them well. But once they were given their first shift they folded. They couldn't do it. One guy was a black belt in proper ju-jitsu with the Japanese flag on the wall of the dojo. He got trained but flaked after one shift. So John and me became a bit of an elite team and we had a good laugh. The factory was 90% women so respect was due to the ladies.

I think that job is one of the reasons my lungs are bad. Inhaling all that shite every day.
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