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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Ah, well my nearest neighbour is about 1/4 mile away, so no worries about upsetting him. So I can play at pyros and play music as loud as I like (well when the missus isn't about). But I've spent most of the last two years bringing the house up to a liveable standard, that's before we put our stamp on it. Y'know paint the plaice green wit orange paintwork put bloody kitchen islands in so you have walk around the fucking thing coz it's always in the way. knock all the walls down coz you (She) wants open plan living, the bath placed in the middle of the room for no know reason other than She saw it in Shit Housekeeping and any other fad that these bloody home mags come up with!
Those posh home magazines have got a lot to answer for!!!
We called in a small local collective of shops in a nearby village and there's the usual chintzy tat shops and a deli and a cafe and a bespoke kitchen shop. So after a cup a tea and a bun we wandered over to this kitchen place and had a poke around. There was an ooje island unit and they are topped with a 2" thick slab of polished granite with a sink cut into it and a fancy tap. So we asked one of the sales staff how much the island unit would cost,?
Well I tried very hard not to show that I almost choked when he said the price. Me trying not to look like a ejjit by being clueless about kitchens.

The price just for the island unit was ten grand!!!!!!
I was trying to calculate how many decent bikes I could get for that much wonga? Like you do? I generally work expensive things out by comparison to the number of motorbikes it would be in the garage.

I've heard of people spending 25,000 which is nothing in the world of snobby kitchens. It's a lotta money for somewhere to keep the beer cold and unwrap your takeaway? I'd rather be out on the bike than have a snobby kitchen.

I'm not in anyway ashamed about knowing nothing about nobby kitchens, I don't get it.
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