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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
FFS Man keep the noise down! There's rumblings about doing up the bloody annexe as it is!......the polystyrene tiles in there keep mysteriously falling down leaving adhesive blobs for me to scrape off!.....
I worked in the factory where they made those tiles (Trondex) and they should come down because they are fecking dangerous, a serious fire hazard, emitting Cyanide gas as they burn. When I worked there as a tool fitter they formed a factory fire brigade because of the risk, though it was believed that freshly formed (by steam) mouldings would not burn as they were considered self-extinguishing. We had been formed about 2 weeks, just enough time for some basic training from the real Fire Brigade and a bit of first aid when a worker cutting down some pipes managed to set fire to a large amount of mouldings in cages below him. He fucked off, leaving his oxy-acetylene cutter in the middle of the blaze and did not trigger the alarm!
I was on the mezzanine floor and noticed some of the asian workers running, which made me think they were giving money away in the canteen since most never moved faster than a slow shuffle. I turned and the flames were now licking across the ceiling, aprox 30 foot high and my mate said " come on, this is what you volunteered for!". It took around 15 mins to put the fire out, especially since most of the fire hoses were surrounded by mouldings, and the fire brigade turned up just after (this was during the 70's when the FB was on strike, but we were a special case as the toxic fumes from a fire could kill the nearby village).
On another note, I worked with a guy, while contracting, who had massive burn scars on his back. He had got totally pissed and come home collapsing face down on his bed. Probably from a fag the flat went up in flames and the fire brigade had to smash the front door down as he was still in a drunken stupor. The polystyrene ceiling tiles were melting and dripping all over his back, but he said the worst pain was from where they grabbed both legs, pulled him out and caught his bollocks on the door step! Not sure if he was kidding, but you never know......
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