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You are right to a point, but I have seen what British workers do, having been forced to do agency work to feed my family. I know people who haven't worked for over 15 years (and not through ill health). But of course it depends on how you define 'British'. Many west Indians came here in the 50's and 60's working poorly paid jobs (no minimum wage then) or the jobs that nobody wanted, but now most would want the same as 'white' kids and the same would eventually happen with Eastern Europeans. I worked in a place that originally employed over 400 people on 3 shifts but the workforce was so unreliable that a lot of the originals have gone. One example was that we got paid on a Thursday, but a local nightclub used to do a student night on Thursdays and so a good quarter of ther back shift would be off sick on Thursdays and it only came to an end when the club shut down. On one occasion a manager went for a night out and met most of the 'sick' in that club (being management, he hadn't a clue what was going on). People would sleep in the toilets or get mates to clock them in and not turn up at all. I have worked in Many, Many factories and see this all over. I am not saying that illegals don't exist or that some companies prefer 'Minimum wage' fodder and I also make you right that decent people should refuse some jobs that take the piss. I was taught a work ethic, which I passed on to my sons, unfortunately in some families this has not happened, whether it was because parents don't want to hassle or pressurise their kids or because they don't care. While a cheap workforce does exist and people on benefits are being vilified in the press what chance do we actually stand?
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