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Originally Posted by HOS View Post
Lots of tax on less than the minimum wage for long hours every day. Or just 10 a week what the gangmasters pay. Like the plethora of local car washes.

Boris is far too much of a twat to be an MP never mind a cabinet member.
Definitely agree about Boris. most of those that fall prey to gangmasters are illegals who will come regardless of our position in the EU. Many Chinese, Indian, Afghans etc. come here because they know that once they destroy any passport their is no chance of sending them home. Perhaps an offshore island off the coast of Scotland could be used as a holding camp until they decide to name their home country, although I believe you can now work that out from subatomic lead particles deposited within teeth, so maybe another way to go. Most car washes get raided on a regular basis but unless they do smething about the deport or jail them, then they will keep coming back.

I worked for a company where a British guy was sent for a job. The foreman said "Wait by the time clock and I will get you a clock card." Because he took more than a couple of minutes the guy started to leave and when asked why, he replied " I ain't gonna get fucked around like this!!" Obviously not worker material, and I have seen this happen a lot, usually after a few hours or half a day. Firms get fed up with turnover of staff as it costs too much money and disruption.....
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