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Originally Posted by Biker Buster View Post
Ah but most of the EU immigrants are on low incomes paying little/no tax to the govt, whilst having me pay their benefits
According to latest reports, Immigrants (at least EU ones) pay more tax than they take in Bennies. I am inclined to believe that because I used to work in one of the few engineering firms in Northampton and the Eastern Europeans moved in and started taking over all manner of jobs. One would get in and all of a sudden there were ten, then the accusations of 'Racism' started to push English workers out. As a Union Rep I had to help fight some of this shite, and it stopped after the laid false claims on one of the nicest guys we ever employed. There are many hard working Eastern Europeans in this country and when asked why they worked so many hours (before the EU working time directive) they said 'Back home we worked a standard 80 hour week, so 60 hours here is easy.' I think that unemployment could be reduced without EU immigrants but this country seems to be going the way of all Great Empires, destruction from enemies outside and collapse of will and morals inside. If people were made to work, and I know some people who are now in their 50's who have not done more than 5-6 years work since leaving school, then we wouldn't NEED immigrants to do this work. Many agencies took EU workers only because they got sick of Brits, not turning up, walking off the job or doing feck all while they were there.
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