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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
The oil price is steadying at around 65$ a barrel. This is due to the yanks gearing up their production and are now virtually self suficient in their usage. Trump..God bless him... had a littlet odo with this with his ramblings about making America Great Again or summat. Anyway this has made the Arabs think twice about cutting their production to increase demand to put up their cartel prices (greedy bastards) and so things have settled somewhat. If Prices are going up it's as Hos says the production companies are just being plain greedy as is the gummerment (they aren't exactly falling over themselves to cap the price increases!). By Rights the pump price should be hovering around the 1 a litre mark. Here in Bostongrad the price at the pump for Unleaded is about 117.99 (Why the 0.99?) and diesel 119.99 per litre.

This concludes the newsflash form the Ewokandtuck Newsdesk now over to our weather girl..Ewok...
Same prices round here, Manchester/Bury area. 0.99, so you think its 1.17 not 1.18
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