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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Getting back to the EM drive..It amazes me as to how "scientists" scoff at new ideas that defie the known laws of physics. Laws that were based on a 300 year old scientist's findingsi.e Newton. Time marches on so does technology (usually egged on by a war or two!) so why shouldn't this EM drive not work? Just because the "scientists" do not understand it at the moment, but time will explain it. If it works now then develop it! Sadly it will be fro military purposes first, inevitably! We may scoff at Star Trek Technology but what have we now? Voice activated computer software, mobile comunicators - telephones/PDAs! The only real onw that defies description at the moment is teleportation. no doubt in time this will be cracked. But I don't think I'd like to be deconstrusted, whizzed to anotherpoint and then reconstructed somehow! My brain gets fried enough as it is!
Although Newton proposed his theories 300 years ago does not invalidate them, rather, think of them as the foundations of all we know today. The Babbage Engine was the first mechanical computer (after the abacus) and was the forerunner of the computers/PDA's and phones we know today. Teleportation is already being attempted, on a small scale and may be a normal form of transport one day.
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