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ISame here Friar the studs are tricky on these old bikes.
So I'm being very careful with this shorter stud.
Why anyone would fit it I do not know.
I hate other people's codged up work.
But this bike had been relatively unmessed with. Until I got hold of it. Almost everything on the bike has been either, painted, polished, replaced with new, cut off, modified, cleaned up and simplified.

The old style helmet lock on the frame made me laugh.
I decided to remove it because I've never used the helmet lock on a bike, I always use a chain through my lid and through the frame. The lock was just unnecessary clutter.
The cylinder was very tight and you risk snapping the key in it, but I needed to open the lock to get at the fasteners.
So I put a medium sized screw driver through it and applied a medium amount of leverage and it snapped open with minimal effort. Some bloody security that was. I've since cleaned it up and got it working properly. Then I cut the frame lugs off and repainted the frame. Looks tidy now.

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