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Back to the start of this thread, the local council sent me a new bill for 2670 after very kindly putting crosses in red biro and exclamation marks all over my accounts. As a 58 year old damaged biker who is a bit of a handful for most idiots, I wonder how they thought treating me like a kid marking his homework in red biro would go down? This is normal for local government, they employ deadheads and pay them high salaries and give them rich pensions.

Fortunately I am still talking to the director of social services who was very unhappy to learn about the past failure being so quickly repeated. After the Director had cancelled the previous bill, the total morons in accounts had used the 2300 and added more to it. I received the new bill on the Friday before Christmas, childish hey?

Just another bunch of retards to have to deal with
These morons get paid for being morons. The dozy buggers would not last a day in private practise. Serial council workers we call em.
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