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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
I'm lucky in as much that I was an Engineering buyer before I retired. So findin "cheap deals" and calling in favours occassionally, helps. It also helps when "Suppliers" try to pull the old "Retail " and "Trade" difference on you, to bump up the prices. This usually occurs when one tries to buy paint! If you are given a manufacturers code i.e to RAL colours no matter what the "suppkier" says about it "being different" is crap! It should be to that standard. the only difference being in the colour is the fading with age, not in the manufacture. Its amazing how many stores try this on you. Or when returning faulty goods, don't settle for the "We will give you a credit note" routine, if it is within the maanufactures warranty period and you are lucky enough to have kept the receipt (although this is not always necessary) you are entitled to your money back! However if you are returning the item because you cocked up and it is wrong for any reason then the store is entitled to refuse the return or justifiable in just issuing a credit. Also being an "Engineering Buyer" it helps that I can just about read an engineering drawing, especially when you point out the "third angle projection" on one! Even though I have no idea what this means, it does concentrate the vendors mind when discussing fairly technical requirements, and stops him form trying to pull the wool over one's eyes, and also gives me a very basic understanding of wiring and looms....just!
The basis of most professions is common sense and logic
I remember the RAL system of colours well, we used them in preference to B.S. colours because RAL colours are very consistent and not dependent on things like batch codes like B.S. colours.

Some other professions which are based on common sense and logic: construction and law. But those attributes seem to have become more like a rare gift nowadays?
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