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Originally Posted by Tricky-Dicky View Post
I can remember when I was a youngster I rode a 250 oilfield in all weathers and my very thick hide gloves where permanently partially closed simply because I used to hang down and put either hand around the pipe to try and warm them up.
Went out one afternoon, nice and sunny and rode out to the Saltbox, Biggin Hill to meet some friends. Stayed till late and it was frosty and muggins had not bothered with his gloves. Riding along holding one hand at a time next to the engine was bloody hard going, especially through the country lanes. My gloves ended the same as yours when, escaping a gang of Mods in Battersea Park, I rode over a small wall and found a 3 foot drop the other side. The exhaust pipe fell off and I picked it up with my gloves on and threw it straight into the sidecar. It was really scary for onlookers seeing the M21 throwing a foot long exhaust flame under the petrol tank..... Being young and stupid I thought it looked cool....
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