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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
If you can, replace all the cross head screws with s/s allen bolts. Best way is to do it as you go along and get access to the fasteners concerned. It's a gradual process but not so hard on the pocket.
Most of the OE bolts I'd had to cut off or they were just not serviceable. So I bought a variety set of stainless steel allen bolts, plain nuts and washers. Got a good set off Amazon for 25. But as you say you could do it a few bolts at a time as you need them and there are some great UK fastener sellers on ebay.

The original mudguard bolts were quite long so they had plenty of thread to rust exposed underneath to all the crap off the road. Not only that but you could easily rip your hand trying to clean inside the mudguard anytime. It's one example of bad design that you can make better.
So I've used stainless domed Allen bolts with the dome on the underside with stainless flat washers and stainless aircraft nuts on the inside/under the seat. And I cut every bolt to length. Proper job
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