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Ah Friar I am sorry to hear about your best mate. Its a reminder of our mortality.
I have lost several best mates over the years but it never stopped me having mates or even more best mates. Life is so effing transient?

My little lady and I go to the cinema because we grew up with them and we often go and watch one of the kids cartoon movies becasue they are fun.
My son got a bit too old to use as an excuse when he was 18 and well over 6 foot tall
So now we have to go on our own, just the two of us.
I cant be bothered with all those mock super hero fillums with all that endless shoutin, bangin and crashin.
The last one we did see I asked them to turn it down
Still love the movies.

We laugh at anything and everything because we can. Humour is the best way to live. People remember you better if you make em laugh.
They never remember you if you're a miserable bugger because everyone else is.
Ever since my smash I realised the real value of life. That is to embrace it !
Its mine, I own it warts and all.

When you look at some of the worlds finest funny men, haven't they usually had a tough life? Its having been through hard times that gives you that way
of looking sideways at everything and seeing the funny side that others might not?

The most important thing is being able to laugh at yourself. If you can't laugh at yourself for being a fool then you are doomed !
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