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You and me must've come from the same mould. My Wife despairs of me. I still laugh like a drain at things like Tom and Jerry and the ICE AGE series of cartoon films. My best mate just recently passed away and I went to his funeral. We were told not to wear black, so I went in one of my famous jumpers. (When I used to go to the occassional biker rally everyone turned up in cutdowns, patches etc. I turned up in these multi coloured jumpers. I think you can see one in my avatar!). Anyway we used to exchange the same xmas card with a new message scrawled inside, totally un pc! or we'd end up on some wild adventure that would just start uot as a day's fishing or something! The sod bought a load of resin meerkats with solar lights (my missus let it slip that she liked the Meerkat adverts!) and he hid them in my garden! One night I saw all these lights shining here and there, so I was out there picking them out of various trees and hiding places at 9 o'clock at night. He was in stitches for days after. There after We got given meerkats in either cards or bloody toys! When I told him about an otter clearing out my pond of fish, only just after I'd put in half a dozen new ones to top up the stock to about 16, he was in his element! I'll miss that from now on....and the texting!
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