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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
When it comes to bikes it isn't always easy to spot the structural damage i.e a bent frame until you get the bike back on the road and try to go around a corner and end un falling into a right or left hander, or trying to hang of the bloody thing to bring the bike into a corner because of the twisted effect. alot of these bike did/do come back onto the market and it isn't always easy to spot the twisted frame.
Tis true Friar.

Sometimes the damage can easily be seen on modern bikes where the frame is showing like a large main dealer I visited in the last 10 years who had a very clean looking Triumph Speed triple for sale. I sat on it and thought yeah maybe....
Then the salesperson came over and chatted with me and the little lady. Turns out it was a cosmetic write off or so he says.
That kicked my head into sharp focus and I looked more seriously at the bike.
Even while sitting on it I can see its had a smack on the outside right hand corner of the twin frame tubes which has been repainted locally. Not even a decent attempt to mask it.
A damaged frame as a golden rule is a walk away sign.

But the old rules of "let the buyer beware" with used bikes or cars apply even more so to write offs. You really do need to know what to look for in write offs if you are going to consider buying one. Even at a main bike dealers.

Same happened to a mate in a major bike shop chain store in Birmingham which went bust years ago He was looking at a ZZR600 in blue and then when the salesman fetched the V5 for my mate to look at, the bike was a different colour on the logbook. Just walk awayyyyyy......
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