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Default Classic but custom?

How many of you guys have classic registered bikes that are also custom?

After some reading and talking to my neighbour who does restorations, its seems that although the idea is that classics no longer require MOTs by law, if they are MOTd and are modified they could be under thread of having their classic status removed.
But only recorded if they are MOTd, my Trident is due an MOT just before the new classic MOT non requirement comes in, so i am a little worried, may have to go and have a chat to the local MOT guy and get it done sooner and hope the noting of customs has not come in yet.

Its a bit daft as my trident was customed not very long after it was registered, so in my eyes its a true classic custom almost era correct for styling, so it will be more than a little annoying having to both tax and MOT it, in fact if it comes to that i may as well get rid and buy a modern bike!
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